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DEWALT DW734 Product Review

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Can you imagine DEWALT DW734?

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Hats off to Dewalt on this one. I purchased this planer about mid Dec. (3 weeks ago) I have use it several times, mostly on 3/4" maple with a few other matrls. thrown in. It has performed wonderfully. The dust collection shute is a big plus and works fairly well with my heavy duty shop vac. I suspect it will work even better with a good dust collector of 500 or more cfm.(My next purchase) The three blade system leaves a VERY smooth surface (mimimum sanding with fine sand paper for a stainable finish) Most of the wood I have ran is not more than 7" wide and at 1/16 depth of cut. The unit is capable of more buy why heat the blades. Snipe has been virtually none. A very small amount of snipe occured when I went for a deeper cut on a 7" wide maple board. The depth of cut gauge on the infeed side is about the best idea ever, (other manufacturers take note) and the preset finish cut depth can be somewhat handy as well. The two handles on the top outside of the planer make it very easy to move around my garage, into the pickup, or on to the elevated bench where I keep it out of the way when not in use. If i had any complaint it would be this...If the dust shute had a quick disconnect or latch type attatchment, it would be handy so that the outfeed table could fold up for storage without having to break out any tools. A minor inconvenience that has no effect at all on performance. If your'e looking for a portable garage/jobsite planer, this one is up to the task. You will be pleased with the results. P.S. I haven't had to change the blades yet, however, I did open up the unit and did a "mock" blade change to become familiar with it...very easy to do requiring no special knowledge or tools..Good job Dewalt.

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After having read the instructions, I set the planer up on it's new bench, and within literally minutes I was able to plane my rough-sawn to exact dimensions with ease. I have never owned a planer, but have used several "industrial" planers in the past. This piece of equipment was by far the easiest tool to set up, adjust and use than any other equipment I own. The finish is like glass even after 60 BF of Cherry. I must agree with other reviews that a normal shop-vac simply will not keep up with the fodder this planer produces. I'm sold on this one!